What does electricity do to the environment?

I am doing a project on how much really electricity impacts the environment. I’m only asking questions that basically I can’t find. I figured another person with another view on this would point me in the direction of finding a source for my research. What are various things that you know electricity does to the environment? How much does it affect the environment? How much does turbines and solar panels have to with the damage? Do they cause the majority of the damage?

I’m mainly looking for a source regarding how much damage (to the environment) solar panels and turbines make by producing electricity.
List your sources to the exact place you found the information.

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    1. babbaler says:

      The most significant damage to the environment in the production of electricity is the pollution from coal burning power plants. Dark plums of pollution are released into the atmosphere causing acid rain, smog, cancer and even global warming.
      The next most significant damaging electrical production process is actually hydro-electric dams. Although the production of electricity from these damns are pollution free, the fact that they stop the flow of water is what causes the most damage. This creates stagnant water with rotting leaves and debree which break down and create methane gasses. Not to mention the ecological disasters that happen down stream from lack of sediment and nutriants.
      Wind power/wind turbines are very clean and very effective ways of producing electricty. Yes some birds are killed by wind turbines, but the number is so very small compaired to natural deaths and deaths of birds running into glass buildings that I consider it almost insignificant.
      Solar power, in my opinion is the ultimate alternative energy. Solar panels are getting more efficient and less expensive at a rate of 5% per year and are a great way to escape the grasp of your local electricity companies. The energy is clean and not pollution is produced in the conversion process (like wind). Of course the production of wind turbines and solar panels do use resources, however when compaired as a whole to other “dirty” forms of electricity, Solar and Wind are by far the cleanest.
      Hope that helps ya out!

    2. AdamBeaz says:

      Go to the NREL website. http://www.nrel.gov/
      YOU can find something there. Search bird kill

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