Save The Green Planet trailer

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    10 Responses to “Save The Green Planet trailer”

    1. MuKo18 says:

      I didn’t liked the end of it.But except that it was a great movie.

    2. HoonJae1 says:

      This is fucking fantastic film with oldboy

    3. 1ockedand1oaded says:

      this better be long…(you cant fit that many ideas in a 1 and a half hour movie then theres no room for plot development and then your no better than the movies in the nouties)

    4. FrancisKubrick says:

      That’s a matter of opinion.

    5. drktigger says:

      I thought the movie did a really good job with making everything fit in together and not feel out of place. And I think the movie is about 2 hours so it is pretty long.

    6. 1ockedand1oaded says:

      yay! go south korea!they have no problem with nukes!…awkward silence

    7. 11mc22 says:

      LOL at endingI think they went a bit too far with the end but other than that, its very good

    8. bulldog9545 says:

      This movie is amazing but it really isn’t as lighthearted as the trailer makes it out to be. which is somehow even better

    9. The2ndHorseman says:

      I looked this movie up and apparently is a comedy sci-fi thriller horror sounds and looks epic

    10. MrClamSmaka says:

      i agree with you, asian cinema really do give us some unique ideas. this is one hell of a film..

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